Ocean’s Eleven

What can define a successful movie? Actors? Directors? Characters? Filmmakers? Screenwriters? Designers? The correct answer is «All of them». But some movies stick in our memory more than others. Sometimes it happens due to a talented cast, sometimes – due to a positive character. But there is one movie, which has produced a strong impression with each of the elements – crew, cast, script, actors, characters, and finally costumes. Today, we’re going to tell you a story behind the costumes for «Ocean’s Elelven». Hopefully, you remember how chic Brad Pitt and George Clooney were in the movie.


«Ocean’s Eleven» Costume Design

Every costume is a part of a story. Through the clothes designers inform us about characters, their life, and preferences. And this can be followed in «Ocean’s Eleven» too. The costumes in the movie fully reflect each character.

The costume ideas for «Ocean’s Eleven» were inspired by Frank Sinatra’s, Dean Martin’s, and Peter Lawford’s styles. The fashion of 60-s was the main inspiration and a source for the designings in the whole movie. Everything started with deep researching and analyzing. The designers wanted to create something inspired by rather than copied or repeated. The main task was to take the feeling and the general look of the 60-s transforming it into something new for each separate character. Every character had to sparkle in his own way. The men had to stick to one common style, but to be very different at the same time.

George Clooney Character

George Clooney played the leader of the pack. So, the appearance of his character had to show that he was the top of the band. And that was probably the most difficult part. The designers did it through tuxedos, white T-shirts, and black suits.

The main aim was to successfully combine the style of five different men making each character an individual at the same time. And that was perfectly achieved. Each man looked like an individual, but all 5 men together formed a group.

Ocean’s Eleven


The style wasn’t the only problem. The designers had to find each individual palette. The colors were chosen in such a way to easily melt together at the end to become the one. The main palette in the movie was represented with light grey, white, black, and red colors.

Every piece of clothing – from suits to ties- was designed for a specific character. Additionally to everything else, the costumes were the storytellers of each character in their own way. The dialogues influenced the role as well as the costumes did.

We can surely say that the designers did a great job, managing to establish each character’s personality through his costume in the movie.

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  1. George Clooney simply brilliantly played his character. And yes, it was not without the help of costumers who created this image.

  2. Such films are just different in that huge heroes are being spent on heroes’ clothes.

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