People always try to find idols for themselves, those who they can imitate, look up to, and set an example of a stylish look. This parroting sometimes goes over the line; furthermore, in the era of the Internet, fashion insanity gets the unprecedented scale. Our correspondents decided to analyze how social networks and MTV trends influence both pop culture and rapidly changing fashion.

Keeping Fashion Closer

Formerly the traditional format of fashion trends implied that new collections appeared twice a year – in a strict accordance with the seasons. The new trends were not so innovative and catchy. Nowadays, the situation in the fashion world is different. Customers are constantly looking for new looks. Thus, a good photo in Instagram or MTV dress can transform a simple thing from a wardrobe into a virus just in a day. The degree of influence of the celebrities is truly impressive. Thus, for example, a model Kendall Jenner has 21.8 million subscribers in Instagram, and her photo in the Céline dress has more than a million likes. We can assume that thousands of women around the globe are now seeking where to find such a dress.

Just like television programs, fashion trends do not imply any involvement of the consumer in the dialogue. That’s why fashion consumption has turned into the social activity. Nowadays, a brand or a designer can instantly gain worldwide fame, whereas earlier things were much slower. If a piece of clothing is worn by somebody with millions of subscribers and a big army of fans, the item automatically becomes fashionable and trendy.

Following Fashion Trends

The situation has changed a lot since the measure of success was associated with the availability of clothes in large department stores. There is a difficult task for retailers – to be able to cope with a high demand when the trend becomes viral. So once you are ready for the trendy explosion, count your lucky stars. Improving the production capacity, developing e-commerce, and increasing the influence of social networks in the last five years mean that retailers are able to complete a full production cycle from being in design to delivering a product to the store in just three weeks.

Although it may seem at first glance that trends are changing rapidly, the “basic” trends are very stable. The fashion industry tried to offer midi-skirts and wide trousers to the audience of customers, but it was not so easy to convince women to wear clothes they do not like.

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