Predicting the upcoming fashion trends is a complex and difficult science. It is an art form to know what exactly will be worn in the next season/ year. Intuition and cartomancy will not help you here. Fashion predicting is a skill that can be developed through the years. To understand how trends are defined, picked up, and implemented in the fashion industry, you need to see what’s going on in Hollywood. Celebrities are the main indicator and lever of influence for the fashion market.

Fashion Industry of Today & Celebrities

There are so many trends in the fashion world that we need a navigator. Only a fashion expert can figure out what is what. And we are talking here about the latest trends in fashion, the looks that we see on the podium and the streets, and the outfits that are born to reflect the spirit of the time. All of them affect both fashion in general and each consumer individually. Trends are the essence of the entire fashion industry. Creating the main principles and guidelines, they facilitate the work of the designer and influence works of others.

How Are Trends Born?

Although trends are emerging from everywhere, earlier the picture was completely different. In the past, fashion and trends were born due to the influence of the elite. Specifically, they were created by trendsetters and stylists from the high society. Clothes that queens and actresses of Hollywood wore became trendy. This process is called the “trickle-down effect.” Later, when fashion ceased to exist only for the elite and ready-to-wear replaced haute couture, fashion and trends began to appear on the streets. This made the industry more democratic and led to the emerging of subcultures such as punk or hip-hop.

Today, in the era of the information society and globalization, we can talk about the “trickle-down effect,” which means promoting the fashion horizontally, between social groups and layers. Those who keep watch over Hollywood knows that it has a direct connection to how the fashion industry changes, what people wear, and how they behave. Fashion trends come and go with time, but in the modern world, they change more and more often. Developing the skill of predicting trends is especially important for designers looking for inspiration and beginners to recognize patterns of impending trends. Be objective, observant and curious, use your intuition and look for inspiration. Trends are waiting for you!

2 Replies to “Hollywood & Fashion Trends – What’s the Connection?”

  1. Not always in Hollywood trends are formed. Sometimes there are some interesting currents, but they do not pay much attention for a while, and then one of the celebrities can notice this and report to their audience. Then it becomes mainstream.

  2. The fashion world has long since come out of Hollywood. But nevertheless, fashion still depends on the support of celebrities. And most likely, it will be a very long time.

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