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No doubt red carpet dresses make a fashion history. Today, the outfits we see on the red carpets outstrip the interest in the events themselves. It’s the dress rather than the award what’s we remember the morning after. Fashion magazines, stylists, critics, TV hosts, fans – everyone discusses the outfits from the last night. Sometimes this continues for weeks, months, and even years, becoming a crucial part of a fashion history. But not all dresses are the same.

In this article we’re going to highlight the most memorable dresses, which have already become a fashion history by shocking, intriguing, and impressing the public. We’re going to start from the very beginning of red carpet fashion and to finish with the present times.

red carpet

The Evolution of Red Carpet Fashion

The Begging of Red Carpet Fashion

  • We’re going to start our list with the most classic and iconic red carpet dress. This dress is considered to be a template for all red carpet dresses of all time. We’re talking about Grace Kelly’s outfit at the Oscar ceremony in 1955. She wore a typical classic strapless gown by Edith Head. The aquamarine color of the dress couldn’t help but catch the eye. Grace Kelly looked very elegant and sophisticated And the dress itself was an inspiration for many red carpet outfits years after. Grace Kelly and her delicate aquamarine dress definitely take the first place in our red carpet fashion list.
  • The second place goes to Audrey Hepburn and her ivory Givenchy dress at the Oscar ceremony in 1954. The whole look was very simple but incredible. Audrey combined an ivory floral dress with tight white belt, emphasizing her slim waist and a well set-up figure. She looked beautiful as always.
  • The next outfit is a pink tank dress by Calvin Klein, worn by Gwyneth Paltrow in 1996. At first sight, this dress looked very familiar and simple. So, what’s the point? The most interesting thing about that concrete dress was that it drastically differed from all red carpet dresses on that period of time. It was something fresh, completely new, and original for 1996.

red carpet

New Period of Red Carpet Fashion

  • The 2000s came. And the new era of red carpet dresses started. It began with a new wave of black elegant dresses. The period started with a black Yves Saint Laurent dress, worn by Chloe Sevigny in 2000. It was one of the most beautiful, classic, and elegant dresses on the carpet. The dress was even called a dress of the year.
  • Our second place also goes to one more black dress from 2012. This time it was Angelina Jolie in her famous black dress with a huge slit. The outfit was so discussing that even became a meme. However, Angelia looked incredibly chic and sexy in that long black gown by Versace.



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